donderdag 30 juni 2011


Wellington is sooo pretty, I thought it deserved a blog post all of it's own.
I loved the vibe of the city, but I am too tired to type a decent post. (I just went to the hospital this afternoon and that always drains my energy)

A fountain with pennies tossed into it. I just really fell in love with the deep blue of the tiles.

Such a cute place to have lunch, in the middle of a rose garden.

The harbour.

The weather was really dark, which made the harbour feel even more industrial.

He was just sitting there, staring to the ocean. I wonder what he was thinking about. 


A poem written in stone, what could we want more?

Students + Playgrounds = Childhood all over again

We went to the botanical gardens. We were snapping away with our cameras, a lot of tourists thought we were weird:P

I like purple flowers best/

These were so cute and tiny.

We went to the Lady Norwood rose garden, because I insisted so. It was very much worth it. I love roses and I want my garden to be full of roses when I grow up. 

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