woensdag 29 juni 2011

Last kringhuisavond.

Yesterday was the last "kringhuisavond" of the year, so we decided to have an outdoor luxury dinner, which was so much fun. We had a this lovely food and gave each other little "thank you" and motivational cards. We made a bonfire, sat in the rain and watch the thunderstorms. A good evening:)

The weather was absolutely lovely, which made me happy after all these weeks of just rain and more rain.

I love my 50mm It's the best lens I have I guess. (In case you are wondering, I have a 18-55mm lens, a 28-80 mm lens, a 70-300mm lens and of course a 50 mm lens)

Students and playground are a great combo:)

Lovely green leaves, I just thought they looked so fresh and pure.

I love wearing sandals, they are just so summery and girly and they make me feel all pretty:)

I just love these cute little goals, I was so fond of them as a child, playing soccer in summer:)

Our little picknick place 

 I think I am going to make a series of photos like these, I just love diptychs like this.

I repaired my camera remote a few days ago, so I am now able to take self-portraits again. I am also thinking about doing some sort of summer project with photography and writing, but I don't know yet.

Expect another post tomorrow, I will get a roll of film then:)



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