woensdag 15 juni 2011

This is me

I am Iris. I am no longer a teenager. I love eating strawberries and redecorating my room. I love my mirror and I love the reflection that I see every time I look at it. i love the smell of a summer thunderstorm and the smell of the perfume that I used as a child and still do. I am a student. I believe in God and in love. I believe in marriage. I believe in hope and helping people. I study physics and am intrigued by quantum mechanics. I like taking pictures and I prefer analog above digital. I like writing but I rarely do. I like making things, the feeling of being a creator. My favourite colour is light blue and my room is almost entirely white. I collect notebooks but never completely use them. I am not perfect but I do not care. I love wearing skinny jeans and big sweaters. I hardly ever wear shoes in summer. I am right-handed. I sing. I am 5"5. I am not defined by my looks or by the things I have done or the words I have spoken. I am more than all that. I am a child of God and that defines me. I am proud of my accomplishments and not ashamed to say so. I am not arrogant, but I might look arrogant. I am confident and you should be too. I love waking up early in the morning, when everyone is still asleep, and go out for a walk.  I love this picture. It might not be a good picture, or even a decent picture, but I do not care. This is the only self-portrait that I have taken in the past two months and I like it. It is true and it is real, just like this text. 

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