maandag 20 juni 2011

New Zealand Pictures Part 1 of many

Hi Everyone,

I finally managed to get all the pictures from New Zealand on my computer, so now I can start editing them and making blog posts. I think I will makes posts for one or two days at a time.

The first day of the journey, we are had major jetlags, so it was nice to have a day off. We spent the day wandering around Auckland, relaxing at parks, just feeling free.

A lovely park where we spent a couple of hours just laying on the grass.

This picture is taken on Singapore Airport. It was so hot there, especially since it was only 6 in the morning when we arrived. The air was so humid I couldn't even take a proper picture.

This was just a hilarious ad, and typical for the Kiwi style of humour.

Autumn leaves. 

We were in the sort of chinatown-like part of the town.

Group shot! F.l.t.r. : Ivo, Erik, Josey, Karina, Edwin, Maarten en Robin.

The name of this restaurant made me laugh:) 

This shows the feel of Auckland quite well, just summery and lovely. 


I really liked the small restaurants that were everywhere. This one was really cute. 

Cute couples are cute <3

This bird was dancing for me for like 5 minutes. Genius.

I love boats, I just love water and the feeling of freedom it gives you.

Semi-sky scrapers.

Apparently, people cycle in New Zealand as well. (I think they are crazy for doing so because you have to cycle next to the cars on all the roads....)

Palm tree!!!!!!!!!!!! (Tropical, huh?)

 They are not typical Kiwi, but they are cute. 

Cool plants (it was the first day, so I was still going 'wow' all the time.)

Just relaxing after a long, long journey.

Cute little duckies.

The same park as in the first shot. 

Rainbows ^^

And the same park yet again.

I will post more shortly!

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