maandag 26 september 2011

Week three

Hi Everyone,

I am very dissapointed in myself. I took a lot of pictures and none of them turned out how I wanted them to. Therefore, this post will be a mix-up from different things I tried this week.

Last week was a pretty standard college week, studying at day and doing fun things in the evenings. I had band practice at Monday, which is always fun. Tuesday was NSE evening and I really love the people that are in my bible study group this year:) On Wednesday, I made white-chocolate and raspberries cupcakes and even though they were not perfect, they still were really good and I am definitely am going to make them again.Saturday I went to Koningin Juliana Toren, which is a them park for little kids. My mother organized the event and I got to go with her as photographer. The weather was lovely and I had a wonderful time sitting in the sun, enjoying the warmth of the sun. Sunday was the same and I am very grateful for these two (last of this year?) summer days.

The first few pictures are inspired by the lovely Natalie Kucken

These jumping shots look a lot cooler on my camera, than on my computer...

I can feel the beginning of Autumn and I love it so much. I want to walk around in the deep-orange colored forest with my rain boots on and breathe in the fresh air. 

These pictures also failed miserably:(



woensdag 21 september 2011


Hi everyone, 

I know it's been a while, but college is killing me. I will take my week 3 photo somewhere this weekend though!

I took some pictures at a wedding a few weeks ago. I mainly took pictures of the location, and of the people helping with the preparations. I also took a lot of film pictures of the actual wedding, but I won't show them here. (I want to keep some pictures 'special'.

A lot of people helped out with cooking and other things and it was really fun!

I hope you all are doing okay and are having a nice week! Only one more day until weekend, right?



zaterdag 17 september 2011

Week two

Hi everyone,

Week two has passed and so it is time for my second blog post about the 52 weeks project that I am currently doing. I wanted to do something fairy tale like for this week, and I feel like I have accomplished that.

Last week was busy, but okay. On Monday, I had the first band night since June and it was really fun and good to be making music again. I just totally love singing, the power it gives me to express my emotions and the control I have over my voice.

Tuesday was the first 'real' day I had to teach and I think it went really well and I really enjoyed it and I am already looking forward to next week:)

I had to go to hospital on Thursday, to get some tests done. I had to do a 24-hour ECG and a heart ultrasound. I will get the results on Wednesday and of course I will let you all know.

I am going to meet up with some of my high school friends tonight and I am really looking forward to that:)

This picture is inspired by the lovely photography style of Alexandra Sophie.

Here are the pictures:)



woensdag 14 september 2011

Summer endings

Hi everyone,

A normal blog post today, and I hope to take my week 2 picture tomorrow or Friday or maybe even Saturday. Two weeks ago, all the neighbors from my parents' house gathered for the annual barbecue. There were a lot of little children as well, and I love little children, so I took some pictures of them.

See you all soon!