zondag 4 september 2011


Hi Everyone,

First of all: my summer holiday is over, so I will have a lot less time to take pictures. However, I want to keep myself motivated, and I want to start taking self portraits again, so I've decided to start a 52 weeks project as of next week. I will take a self-portrait (maybe I will change that to just a picture) once a week for 52 weeks (one year). I hope to keep more of a diary this way.

My external hard drive had crashed, containing all the files I have, including all the pictures I had. So I have to start over again, which really makes me kind of sad actually.

I found some analogue pictures that I really like and I thought I would share them with you. I will take the first selfportrait tomorrow and I will upload that as well. I also have taken some wedding photographs, I had a mini-shoot with Manda, shot a lot of pictures of the little children that live in my street. I hope to post a blog post at least twice I week and I really want to stick with that!

Here it goes:

Me and my brother when we were little, aren't we cute?

Me, wearing my favorite clothes at a Sinterklaas party.

Double exposure, taken in Istanbul

Shot in the forest at the university

Istanbul skyline, double exposure

Istanbul shops

Taken on a boat trip in Istanbul

Istanbul's aquaduct

A little girl in the Topkapi palace

Some of my housemates

The Istanbul skyline again, I love the richness of analog pictures.

A little stall selling roasted corn.

Istanbul's main street.

I think this was the Blue mosque

Lamps at the Grand Bazaar

Friso climbing a tree

Topkapi palace

The view from our hostel.

My allstars, I love them:)

The beautiful forest.

The street where our hostel was located, Istanbul.

Aya Sofya

Tree climbing

Aya Sofya

View from my old bedroom


Housemates <3

Istanbul, restaurant with glass roof.

Beautiful Istanbul

More tree climbing

Friends :)



Istanbul again

Twirling dancers

Istanbul by night



I took the picture of my grandfather and he took mine <3 So precious..

The entrance of Topkapi palace

The last day of 2010



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