zondag 21 augustus 2011

Budapest and Prague

Last week, I went to the ICPS 2011 in Budapest. ICPS stands for International Conference of Physics Students and basically it is a week filled with (student) lectures and parties. I am in the organizing committee of next year's ICPS, so we (the commitee) went to this year's ICPS to learn about organizing this event. We decided to go to Budapest by train, so we spent 17 hours getting there and decided we wanted to spend a little extra time in a cool city somewhere in Europe. (We bought a train ticket that was valid for 10 days, so travelling there was free.) We decided to go to Prague, since it is a beautiful city and one of us had never been there. Anyway, I managed to take some pictures of beautiful buildings and friendly strangers. Enjoy..

Everytime I see a cyclist in a country different from my own, I realize how lucky I am . We have proper cycling lanes, cycling streets and even cycling highways :)

A stranger next to the castle in Prague, the light was lovely.

The church, which has lovely glass-in-lead windows.

Prague by night is lovely, the whole city is beautifully lit and there are people everywhere.

There are cute restaurants everywhere, and, best of all, they are really cheap!

Budapest is lovely as well. I love cities with a big river in he middle, or cities that are surrounded with water.

I literally stood here for a long time, just taking in this beautiful sight.

There were people taking there wedding pictures everywhere and that made me so happy. I hope to be a wedding photographer one day.

Everything was hulled in darkness, which gave the city a real powerful look.

street musicians <3

lalala I take creepy pictures of strangers sitting on benches troughout the city.



zaterdag 6 augustus 2011

The little things in life

Hi everyone,

As promised, I have been editing a lot of pictures lately. I have taken quite a few random pictures lately, of just small things that caught my eye and I thought I would show you the beauty in my everyday life.

I have been taking my first (baby) steps in expansion photography. So far, I love it. Tomorrow I will try this technique in a shoot with an actual person, so I hope that will turn out good. Some of the images still have major errors in them, but overall, I am quite happy.
I just love how there is a bench with no road leading to it...

We always used to play football here.

I fell in there once, when I was little.

My dog just loves watching people pass by, he is so human sometimes.

Look at her sleep, she is the cutest thing ever.

I just really love walking around the neighborhood, noticing details I have never seen before. Like this apple tree, I never knew it was there and it is so pretty.

I just love golden hour, I wish it was golden hour all the time. It makes me so happy seeing the world in all it's beauty. I think it is always golden hour in Heaven, because it just makes everything so much more beautiful. 

I will upload some more tomorrow:)

woensdag 3 augustus 2011

Australia part 4 of many

And finally, another Australia post. I hope I will enjoy blogging again once I am up to date and it is not this outdated anymore.

So, I have been busy doing not much at all lately, to be honest. But that's okay. I am just spending my time relaxing, having fun, enjoying life.

This is the last post! These pictures are all taken in my final week in Australia.

We went to Fraser Island, which is a big ( I believe it is the biggest) sand island. The ground consists of pure sand and there are six(!) different ecosystems that can be found on this island. It is so pretty, with it's unique nature and sand filtering. Wow.
There are a lot of dingoes on Fraser Island. They are actually quite dangerous, so when we spotted one, we all had to get back to the van. 

Okay, this is a random bokeh shot lalala but I just love my 50mm lens.

The wood, had this beautiful, deep red, color. 

This is a stupid picture.

There were these giant ferns everywhere. They made me think of the age of dinosaurs, because plants were really big then as well.

We did this beautiful walk over a boardwalk and we saw a really small river which had crystal clear water running trough it.

As you can see, the island is based on sand.

We sat in this really cool 4wd-bus:)

A shipwreck:) Always cool!

This is Eli Creek, a beautiful creek filled with drinkable water.

Look how pretty and soft the colors were, gash

There were loads of other tourists as well. 

A dingo!!!!

The next day (at least, I think it was the next day), Erik and I woke up really early to see the sunrise. We parked our camper almost directly at the beach, so we could just walk there and it was soo pretty. I love the beach:) I think I definitely want a small beach house later on.

The rest of that day, we spent lying around on the beach. It wasn't actually super warm, and it was clouded, but I still got sunburn. 

This was a super curious duck that came right up to our camper, begging for some food;)

Erik and I went canoeing in this beautiful swamp. It was extremely quiet and the water was like a mirror. The water was so smooth it was actually hard to navigate, because it was almost impossible to see what was real and what was just a reflection.

Two days before I had to fly home, we went to Underwater World, which was really cool. I love musea and learning:)

Look! This is the cutest animal ever. It is a sea dragon. Yes, a sea DRAGON! Not a seahorse, a sea dragon.

The last day, we spent wandering around Brisbane, exploring the city. It was so weird, knowing this was my last day there. Still, when I think of it know, I find it hard to grasp everything. I saw so much, learned so much, experienced so much. Just awesome!

There are quite a lot of street artists in Brisbane.

Home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Look how flat Holland is!)