maandag 20 juni 2011

New Zealand Pictures Part 2 of many

Hi Everyone,

More pictures:) These are from 18-04 and 19-04, the days we were still in Auckland.
We had a free afternoon, and we went for a walk near some beautiful cascades.
This was the first waterfall we saw in New Zealand, so we were all very impressed (not knowing there are amazing waterfall all around New Zealand).  I still think it is a pretty fall:)
The rocks were cubic. Really cool:) (I think it happened because of some sort of crystallization of the rock)

I just really like bridges, I love that they are symmetrical.. (I know I'm weird)

A beautiful little stream. This really reminded me of the Narnia books for some reason. 

This was a pretty cool tree. It had stairs and some swinging ropes attached to it. On the stairs were names from couples, really cute right? 

There are a lot (and I really mean a lot) of ferns in New Zealand....

The 19th we had another day off, which we spent taking the ferry to Devon Point, this lovely island. 
We went to this lovely shop right next to our hostel, that sold clothes (new and secondhand), books, coffee and a lot of cd's. I wish there were more stores like that in the Netherlands as well.

Street musicians never fail to make me smile.

I take creepy pictures of random people :D

The skyline. See that tower? We had dinner there!

We had dinner wayy up!

More to come:)

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