zondag 12 juni 2011

Garden feelings

First of all, this blog is not going to be about Australia or New Zealand, if you want to see pictures of that travel, please go to my flickr or my tumblr.

Today was another jetlagged-filled day. I am just so lacking energy and it really frustrates me, because the couple of weeks are going to be really busy. (I am going to try and do three months worth of study in two weeks.) I am still a bit confused about being back home, it's like I never went away or something like that, my brain hasn't quite figured it out just yet.

While I was away, the weather in the Netherlands was quite lovely (of course) and my mother's garden turned into this magical place.

(Most of these pictures are SOOC, infact all of them except the dyptich).

I love the random things you can find, like this yellow car.
I actually used this jar somewhere in my 365.

I just love the colours:)

These are the cutest little flowers ever:)

Don't you just love the colours here ?

This one actually reminds me of another picture, but I can't remember which one, and that is really frustrating.

I love the fact that there are fruit and veggies and herbs everywhere, it makes the garden so much more special, being able to just grab a snack while you are on the way to your bike or something.
They are everywhere, and I remember that they just to be my favourite flower when I was a child. Nowadays, my favourite flower is lavender. I just love the purpleness and the smell:)

And more:)
Poppies:) We have orange ones in our garden:)

Butterflies <3

The one and only 'El Tigre', also known as Tijgertje (Tigger in Dutch). She is the funniest and smartest girl ever:)


( I promise I will make some proper posts later on)

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