zondag 10 juli 2011

New Zealand Pictures Part 9 of 9

Yes:) The final post from the New Zealand part of my vacation. Now I only need to make posts about the 3.5 weeks in Australia.

This are the puranukai falls. THis was extremely beautiful. (And it made me really resent not bringing a tripod)

A fossilized forest 

Horizontally growing trees. (They grow this way because of the strong winds)

And if a fossilized forest wasn't cool enough, there were some rare yellow-eyed penguins as well!

Teapotland:) yes, it exists.

The view from the house we stayed in for a night. :)

One of the few pictures I have from Queenstown. (A lot of pictures are missing, but they used to be on my laptop so I might be able to find them somewhere)

Nugget point

Dunedin museum

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