zondag 10 juli 2011

New Zealand Pictures Part 8 of many

So here are some more pictures from New Zealand. *Sigh* I know there are way too many, but it was all just so pretty and prefect and just paradise:)  These pictures are from Stewart Island, the most beautiful island of the whole world. I will try and put all the other New Zealand pictures in one post. The Australia pictures I will post when I get back from Turkey.

There were just beautiful beaches everywhere. The best part about these beaches was that they were empty, and not crowded with other tourists. It feels so amazing, having a beach all for yourself:)

There was this telephone randomly hanging from a tree. Unfortunately, it was broken.

Paradise, I tell you:)

Look at that perfect sun:)

Another beacht:) I love the tree being stuck there:)

We got here after a 4 hour hike or something like that. I was exhausted and we still had to walk all the way back.


When we walked back home, we saw this beautiful sunset. I love golden hour, it makes everything more pretty.

I cannot believe that I actually saw this with my own eyes, I am sooo lucky:) I really want to live near the sea later on, that would be amazing.


Our second day at Stewart Island, we decided to go to Ulva Island. It is an uninhabited island with tons of cool birds on it. We saw Weka's, Warblers, Creepers, Saddlebacks, Tui's etc. Lovely all in all. We got there with this really cute small boat:)

The birds were not scared of humans at all. You just had to dig up some worms, and they would appear right at your feet!

A weka, family of the Kiwi.

The fog made it pure magic.

The weka's wanted to know what we were doing:)

We had to catch a ferry at 8am to get back to the mainland. We saw this beautiful sunrise. We just stood there, animated by all this beauty.

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