vrijdag 22 juli 2011

Australia part 1 of many

Hi everyone,

I just landed from Istanbul this morning (more like night, actually), so I have a lot of photo's to upload. I just went to the photolab and handed in 4 rolls of film. I decided to continu with uploading the pictures from Australia first and then to the Istanbul pictures. I also need to upload some pictures from a mini-shoot I had with my friends two weeks ago.

The first two days of our Australia road trip we spent in Sydney. Sydney is a lovely city, it feels really big, yet it feels small and cozy.

There are skycrapers everywhere in Sydney.

Most of these pictures were taken in the botanical gardens of Sydney. They are really big and really lovely, so I recommend going there, if you ever are in Sydney.

The opera house. OMG. I really couldn't see the big freak out about it. It is just a building people, relax. A pretty building, but still a building.

See you soon!


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