maandag 25 juli 2011

Australia part 2 of many

And part 2. I am thinking about doing some "self portrait therapy"later today:) It needs to rain though... I will post them on here as well, just to break the holiday posts.
Okay, more photos of Australia now:)

 The three sisters, part of the seven sisters, are very important to Aboriginals.

The blue mountains are called this way because of the eucalypti trees, that give off a blue haze.

Here you can see the blue haze a little better.

There are beautiful falls everywhere.

I am quite fond of this picture:)
I was amazed by all this beauty.

And of course, there were these beautiful beaches everywhere:)

Look how small they look. (And they are tall :P )

It's a fugu fish ;)

A really big sand dune.

Lost in the desert.

Cathedral caves.


The aboriginals used to eat these berries.

Yes, that is a kangaroo!

The light was spectacular

This already is on Flickr, but just in case:)


Sunrise in the outback:)

I woke up here!



Love, Iris

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