woensdag 6 juli 2011

New Zealand Pictures Part 7 of many

And more:) I am getting quite tired of these. But this is the last post of the study tour, after this, there are only posts left from the journey Sam, Edwin, Erik and I made on our own. I hope those pictures will be better. It might take a while, since I accidentally deleted my DPP and now have no way to easily edit raw images and convert them.

Also, I have a fresh roll of film ready, which can be seen HERE.

Whale watching. So much fun! Too bad I didn't bring a zoom lens. (That was too heavy for me to carry around in my backpack)

These  dolphins were the cutest things ever, they decided they wanted to play around with our boat.

We went on an air safari around Mount Cook.

The site near the Mt. John observatory was beautiful.

Dunedin: steepest street in the world

Sea stars are cute!

So are seahorses:)

Baby sharks


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