zondag 31 juli 2011

Australia part 3 of many

Hi Everyone,

I know I am not editing pictures as quickly as I should, and that is why I will edit pictures today, all day long:) I will not upload the posts all at once, but I think I will upload daily for the rest of the week. (Or until I am finally caught up).

Here are more pictures from the lovely time I had in Australia:

This rock was extremely beautiful and really fascinated me. Due to a crystallization of two sorts of magma this rock consists of enormous hexagonal crystals. 

I still cannot grasp the emptiness of this country. There is simply so much nature, so much to see.

We followed a little part of the waterfall highway, which is basically a highway that will lead you to some beautiful waterfalls.

We went to Byron bay. The weather was so nice, it was hot enough to walk around outside without a jacket or anything. (Ant that for winter!) Byron bay was really nice as well, it was such a small, creative community, I would love to have lived there:)

 Of course, there were surfers everywhere:)

This is Nimbin, which is the weirdest place I have ever been. It is a hippie community:)

This is surfer's paradise. There is a Dutch TV show about lifeguards on Australian beaches, and they film at this beach too. Each time it comes on TV, I am like: I HAVE BEEN THERE, and I will hysterically gather everyone to see this:)

I am actually really proud of this picture:)

And of this one as well:)

I will post again tomorrow!



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