zondag 10 april 2011


I love my room. It is simple, clean and white. It gives me peace, makes me relaxed, gives me inspiration. Some people find it boring, but I really do not care. My room is a work in progress, always changing, because I always change as well. I have a thing for notebooks, I always have to buy one when I see a cute one. The first one I designed myself, it is going to be my diary for New-Zealand and Australia. The orange one is from India, and I love it.

I love having candles around:) I probably spent more money on candles than I should, but I don't care. Candles make me happy.

This is the heart I used to create the last photo of my 365 project. Every time I look at it, I smile, as I remember how much I learned the past year.

Cd's. I love music. Most of these Cd's are from Gavin Degraw, Relient K, Yellowcard and Hillsong United.

I love warm blankets =)

Storage boxes. Love. I love buying things to put my other things in. I love organizing. Give me some boxes and mason jars and I am happy.

White <3

I already told you I like boxes, right?

A rose, to remind myself that love is the answer, love is key.

I have notes and letters like these all over my walls, I like to think they keep the happiness in my room:)

Lots of love, 


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