zondag 10 april 2011

Girls day

Yesterday was my last Saturday in the Netherlands before I go to NZ, so we decided to make it a fun day/night (We = Anouk, Anne, Annelies, Celine and me).

Lalalalala it is spring, lovely weather, blossoming trees, music, yes, spring.

We ate some delicious fresh strawberries. Yum

Anouk, with her ultra cute polkadot coat:)

Dinner <<<333 wok to go:)

Friends :)

I can't stop taking pictures of the blossom, it is just too pretty.

We all got icecream, Anouk got Ciambella and ??, Anne got Oreo and Yoghurt, and I got Oreo (best thing ever) and Crocantino (the little nuts-thingies they put on the side of birthday cakes, mmyum)

We sat next to the city canal and talked, relaxed en enjoyed the weather and our icecream.

After that, Anne and I went to the Sally O'Briens, we used to go there when we were 15/16 and it was fun being there again. 

We met up with Celine and Annelies and went to a movie that I forgot the title of. It was some sort of standard Hollywood romantic comedy with Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler. Y'all know which one I mean:)

And now I really should get some sleep...

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