maandag 25 april 2011


Hi everyone,

First of all: Happy Birthday Dad!!!

I am currently in Wellington, which is in the south of the Northen Island. Is it beaufitul here, the town looks a lot like San Fransisco, with is beautiful pastel coloured wooden houses. The weather is getting colder and more windier everyday, so I am considering buying even more sweaters.

I will show you all some pictures of the last couple of days and I hope I will be able to tell you all (I have to remember to post more often) what I did the last couple of days.

The last couple of days were all about nature. We visited some beautiful reservates and walked around so many different kinds of landscapes.

Saturday we went to a beautiful geothermal site. We first went to some kind of mud pool, with disgusting smelling mud. It was like someone was boiling a big pot of grey soup, which smelled like rotten eggs and fireworks.

The park itself was lovely. The smell was awful, but the beauty of the sulphur lakes compensated for that. The lakes and the rocks were all kinds of beautiful yellows, greens and oranges. 

This pool actually was neon-yellow.(Sorry for the poor photo). I had never seen anything close like it and I'm sure I probably never will. 

Then we went to see some falls, just because there are waterfalls everywhere around here. The water was this beautiful tropical-swimming-pool kind of blue and we were all amazed by the speed of the water.

 Sunday we went to mount Doom. (Yes the Lord of the rings Mount doom). It is the dark mountain in the background. Some of us decided to do a 18-km crossing while others (including me) decided to do some more shorter hikes.

Yesterday we had a free day off to explore the city. I really love it, like I mentioned before and I wish I was here in summer, because I can tell the city is even so much more beautiful then.

The city has this beautiful harbour, which is really photogenetic and I thus love.

We also went to the botanical gardens and the rose gardens. I don't think I have ever seen so many roses next to eachother.

Flesh-eating plants!!!!

This bring us to today. We had to wake up at 9 and we left at 10 to got to Kapiti Island. When we arrived, we found out that the ferry didn't went because of the bead weather (it is storming like crazy out here). So we decided to go to a wildlife park, to see some kiwi's:) (The birds, not the fruit). But not after we made a quick stop on the beach, to enjoy the stormy weather.

 The wildlife center was great. It is weird how adjusted we all are to the nature around here. We all got used to these amazing plants and rainforests.

This animal comes from the age of the dinosaurs and is still alive now. Wow! It is really cute and has a soft skin actually.

There are these weird hopping birds just walking around everywhere.

See you all soon!!!

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