donderdag 7 april 2011


Hi everyone!

I just wanted to say hello and tel you all that I made my last final for this semi-semester this morning. So, now the only things I need to do for school before to New-Zealands are: write a report about an assignment, start a whole subject, read about a company in New-Zealand.

And I am so happy to tell you all that everything fits into my bag:) Jeej :) Now I am tempted to bring more, but I shouldn't. And it only weighs around 13 kgs, so that's okay:)

My family has been ill for the last couple weeks and I have been running a fever since yesterday, so I really hope I do not get the flu as well.

Only 8 more days left before I leave to New-Zealand, I can't believe it :)
I am going to miss everyone, that's for sure. But I am looking forward to meeting new people, getting to now my fellow students better, go on adventures and just live, breathe, experience, learn and have fun:)

Of course, this post needed some sort of silly shoot to go along with it, and I just felt like uploading this particular shoot. It was a quick one (literally 5 minutes or so) and I just wanted to do something with high contrast.



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