maandag 18 april 2011

New Zealand

Hi everyone,

First of all, sorry for this long due post. I just been having such a good time and didn't feel like getting behind a computer. Second, I haven't found a way to upload my pictures just yet. It is hard to find a computer that supports .raw files. (And yes, I shoot in raw). But I took some pictures in JPEG as well, which I'll upload in this post (just scroll down).

But about the trip (that is what this blog is supposed to be about anyway). Friday and Saturday consisted of mostly traveling. It wasn't all that bad though.

The food was nice (really decent actually), the flight personnel was hilarious. They were being so ridiculously nice, asking me if I needed a drink or something else for every five minutes. The flight seat had a TV in it as well. Of course I had to play Pokemon, geek that I am. I also watched some movies, Black Swan (love), Harry Potter 7(okay) and Sex, Love and other drugs ( I don’t recall if that was the exact title, but it sucked)

Day one. The jetlag was awful, the weather was awesome. Not too cold, not too hold, just the perfect weather to explore Auckland. I really love the vibe of the city, it is a mixture of San Fransico and it also reminds me of the game GTA Vice City. (But that might be because the girls are all wearing ridiculously short shorts and the guys are driving stolen cars and they are drunk all the time). We just strolled around the city, went to the harbor, ate a lunch at Subway (I love their smoothies) and then went to two really beautiful parks. We just laid in the sun, enjoying the weather and gasping at all the amazingly beautiful trees and flowers.

Today was day two and it started of with a visit to Marshden Point Refinery, which was quite nice. They had this huge (and I mean really huge) scale model of the entire factory and then we got a tour with our bus. I got a stomach-turning large amount of Curry. After this, we went to some beautiful waterfalls. There also was a path between the tree tops and we were all amazed to find ourselves in some sort of semi- rain forest.

Chinese for dinner and now I am going to bed J

Bye bye and see you all soon!  


Water :) (Please mind that all these pictures are SOOC, so they will be edited later on)



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