dinsdag 4 oktober 2011

Week 4

Hi everyone, 
So far, my 52 weeks project hasn't really been going well. The weather was lovely this week and I really wanted to take some pictures, but unfortunately enough my remote broke down. I already ordered a new one (and a new lens cap, and a new camera strap:)) but I have no idea when it will arrive.
Last week was okay, I studied really hard, had some doctor's appointments and all the usual stuff. My singing lessons started Wednesday and I am really excited about them. I think it will be fun and I might even upload a song we do here sometimes. I saw Manda on Saturday, which was really fun and I love her:)
Oh yeah, my parents bought me a scanner for my negatives, which is awesome and is definitively going to save me a lot of money. I scanned some pictures of me a as a little girl and you can see them here: album
I hope you all will have a lovely week! 


Autumn is really kicking in, which is awesome, because nature is so pretty in Autumn. I really love the first part of autumn (September-October), but the last part is really boring, but then I'll have winter to look forward to:)

Some trees already completely have lost their leaves, while others are still green.

My baby girl was enjoying the sun:)

Experimenting: during this shoot I broke my remote:(

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