maandag 28 maart 2011


Last weekend, I went to Egmond aan Zee for a 'kringhuisweekend'. Basically, I went to the coast, with some friens, to relax and enjoy the nice weather. It's finally starting to feel like spring, I missed feeling the sun on my face, hearing the birds sing and seeing the vivid colors of the first flowers.

The extremely cool car we arrived with.

Bikes and sea. How Dutch can something get?

We went for a walk to the sea, and there were these giant tubes thingies (I have no idea for what reason they were there), and these bolts looked really cool. :)

There were these really cute paws printed in the sand and I just had to take a picture.

This girl was just standing there. I was wondering what se was thinking about, what might have happened to her.


The boyzzzz

My mommy Valentina:)

To sum it up, it was really cool. We ate huge amounts of food, puzzled, played games, made a fire, laughed, walked, relaxed, sang, read the Bible. Awesomeness:)

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